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Conversations with Kate Prologue

Conversations with Kate prologue is the first podcast in the Conversations with Kate series. In this podcast Kate introduces herself, her background and what Conservations with Kate encompasses.

As a podcast series, Conversations with Kate is about having conversations with amazing people who have interesting stories to tell. It has a focus on cultural heritage, whether it’s personal cultural heritage (a story about growing up, family background etc.) or with people who, like myself, work in the cultural heritage industry. I’m doing this as it’s important to record stories and in an effort to demystify archaeology and cultural heritage management in Australia. 

Like the podcast and want to support it? I am providing Conversations with Kate for free, however if you do enjoy it, for as little as a cost of a coffee, you can support the podcast. By ‘buying me coffee’ the money goes too Kate to help with equipment costs and podcast host costs. You can also sign up to become a member of Conversations with Kate for a small monthly fee or for a yearly fee. Your support is very much appreciated. Click this link to support me and Buy me a coffee thank you!

(Please also note: on this first prologue episode I made a mistake, it was Uncle Phillip that took me to Greenwood Lee, not Uncle Richard. I also missed talking about the impact on my life being a student in the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies class in Queensland had on me. Plenty of time to cover that sometime in the future!)