Our Cultural Heritage services come under the banners of: archaeology (in-field and desktop), research, project management, training and products. We offer the following services:

Archaeology (in-field and desktop)

  • Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Surveys
  • Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Reports
  • Cultural Heritage Database Set Up
  • Cultural Heritage Mapping
  • Ethnobotany Documentation
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge Recording
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs)
  • Cultural Heritage Site Documentation and Recording
  • Conservation Management Plans (CMPs)
  • Cultural Heritage Statements of Significance
  • Photography
  • Short Films of Projects


  • Ethnobotany (Plants and Their Uses e.g. Bush Tucker)
  • Environmental Context of a Place
  • Historic Context of a Place
  • Archival Documentation

Project Management

  • Festival Facilitation
  • Cultural Heritage Surveys
  • Cultural Heritage Projects
  • Community Art Projects
  • Interpretative Signage Projects


  • Cultural Heritage Site and Artefact Identification
  • Cultural Heritage Site and Artefact Documentation
  • GPS
  • Mapping and Understanding Overall Cultural Landscapes
  • Cultural Heritage Databases


  • Show Us The History of Your Property Photo Book
  • Show Us The History of Your Property Framed Maps and Historical Aerial Photographs
  • Tell Us Your Story (Oral History Recording) Short Film
  • Tell Us Your Story (Oral History Recording) Transcript
  • Tell Us Your Story Photo Book
  • Tell Us Your Story Digitalised Photographic Albums
  • Tell Us Your Story Birthday Celebration Short Film
  • Tell Us Your Story Wedding Anniversary Short Film
  • Greenwood Photography Landscape Photographs
  • Greenwood Photography Flora (Plants) Photographs
  • Greenwood Photography Fauna (Animals) Photographs
  • Greenwood Flora Large Floral Table Arrangement
  • Greenwood Flora Medium Table Arrangement
  • Greenwood Flora Small Table Arrangement
  • Greenwood Flora Wreath


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