Our best practice cultural heritage services sit under the key themes of: archaeological/ cultural heritage fieldwork and desktop services, research, project management and training. We offer the following services:

Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Fieldwork and Desktop Services

  • Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Identification
  • Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Recording
  • Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Surveys
  • Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Reports
  • Cultural Heritage Databases
  • Cultural Heritage Mapping
  • Oral History Recording
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge Recording
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge Documentation
  • Site Excavation
  • Artefact Cataloguing and Analysis
  • Cultural Heritage Detailed Site Recording
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs)
  • Conservation Management Plans (CMPs)
  • Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Interpretation
  • Archaeological Significance Assessments
  • High quality photography
  • Drone photography and videos
  • Documentaries (video) of Projects
  • Traditional Owner, Community and Proponent Consultation
  • Strategic Advice


  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Archaeological Context of a Place
  • Cultural Heritage Context of a Place
  • Historical Context of a Place
  • Environmental Context of a Place
  • Archival Documentation

Project Management

  • Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Surveys
  • Archaeological/ Cultural Heritage Projects
  • Community Art Projects
  • Interpretation (Displays and Signage) Projects
  • Land For Cultural Heritage Program

Training, Teaching and Workshops

  • Cultural Heritage Site Identification, Recording and Reporting
  • Artefact Identification and Documentation
  • GPS
  • Virtual Mapping
  • Understanding Cultural Landscapes
  • Cultural Heritage Databases
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Legislation
  • Understanding Your Duty of Care
  • University Student Mentoring 
  • Guest Lectures
  • Tailored Workshop to Suit Your Needs


'Kate Greenwood, as a Non Indigenous Australian woman, has a very special way of connecting to Country and building strong, continual relationships with those who belong to its lands and waters. She ensures she maintains her relationship with the people beyond the project or work, which is very rare in an archaeologist. Kate holds a deep understanding and respect for our cultures as Aboriginal peoples, and the very important relationship we have with the ancient landscapes across Modern Australia. Her natural way of working and being is one that honours both the vital roles and responsibilities of Traditional Custodians to Care for our Country, and her understanding of laws and legislation regarding cultural heritage. I have worked alongside Kate and watched her magic when with others for many years now and it is truly remarkable. I am very honoured to have shared great journeys of cultural repatriation, cultural heritage management, local knowledge and history research personally as well as my family in our community. What I love most when working or connecting over culture and Country with Kate, is that she will be the first to light the fire for us to sit and yarn up about it, just how we like it. Also I absolutely admire how she can just sit, listen, do, contribute and participate without being told or cued of what to do whilst with us and working with us. From the experiences, learning and sharing that I have had with Kate for well over a decade, I hold the utmost respect and love her as a person but most definitely for her way of being and practice with Aboriginal culture, heritage and its people' (BIANCA BOND, Co-Founder Mimburi Upper Mary Aboriginal Association, Kabi Kabi).


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